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Building a community of thought leaders

The rise of cyber security threats was at an all-time high and there was a calling for continuous and greater cyber security vigilance. MENA ISC was established in 2010 to attract the best and brightest in the information security field, creating opportunities for the conference attendees to learn about cyber security’s most important issues through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries and emerging/ established companies.

MENA ISC is designed to address the industry challenges and provide a thought leadership via global and renowned influential speakers, technical workshops, CPE credits, technology EXPO and much more to create an environment of information sharing, community building including promoting Public-Private Partnerships and more.


Developing the next generation of cyber security young leaders

Today’s youth are incredibly competent when it comes to technology. In Smart City culture, it is the youth who will carry smart technology to the next level. Our Cyber Saber Hackathon programs enables us to nurture the capabilities of the talented youth in our communities by honing their skills and serving as a development & recruitment bed for the next generation of cyber warriors.

We work on developing the next generation of cybersecurity analysts, engineers, consultants partnering with key government agencies, universities, and enterprises, participating in exciting and dynamic next generation cybersecurity hackathon challenge, which includes hundreds of attack scenarios leveraging a model smart city that indicates the impact on the real world due to a successful attack.


A Cutting-edge learning experience

Cyber Troopers Program is a multi-modular custom managed cyber security training program made in KSA with the aim to develop cyber skills and technical capabilities for cyber security centres of excellence.

The program provides innovative, effective security awareness training for organizations that want to train their employees to recognize and actively respond to cyber threats.

In partnership with top-tier cyber security educational experts, VirtuPort designed the cyber troopers’ program in a way to advance cyber skills, knowledge and technical capabilities tailored and customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Through our cyber capability training programmes, hands on lab, engaging content, cyber ranges and simulations that specifically trains the parts of the brain associated with threat detection and response as well as customizable phishing simulations, and other superior tools, and platforms.

The cyber troopers program ensures helping organizations to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat of cyberattacks, minimize the risk of human error as an entry point for attackers, and ensure that compliance requirements are met.


Skills Assessment

We are committed to developing human capital by assessing teams and individuals through world-class processes based on NIST cybersecurity framework (CSF). We monitor their scores, results and recommend a customized career path including technical workshops, cyber range, labs and professional certifications

Cyber Ranges

Immerse your team in hyper-realistic, simulated attacks on our cyber range to take their experience, skillset, and teamwork to the next level. Our cyber range simulations are the closest your team will get to a real-world incident. By training in cyber range exercises your team will excel, both technically and mentally, when the real attack takes place.

Cirriculum Development

Effective curriculum development is a core component of providing a successful education. Our program is driven to provide the best learning experience possible. We equip instructors with customized course materials built to align with the program curricula both in English and Arabic, linked to NIST NICE and other major standards and frameworks.

ILT - Instructor LED Training

Our instructor-led training is developed and taught by experts at the forefront of the cyber security field. Because they are certified security professionals with hands-on experience working directly with clients facing security challenges, they have the unparalleled ability to answer questions using real-world expertise and examples.

TTI/TTT - Train the Instructor/Trainer

The goal of the ‘Train the Instructor/ trainer ‘ part of the program is to develop further the network of trainers, to support better information exchange as well as to guidance to the Trainers on the curriculum instructions and training process consequently this will serve multiple goals to your organization such as, sharing training material, fostering cooperation between different training provides; and promoting good training practices.

OJT - On-Job Training

Our Trainers and Instructors will be provided with hands-on instruction and coaching on how to conduct training and OJT sessions, will go through extensive hands-on exercises to become familiar with training systems (range environment set-up, take-down, etc.) and become familiar with course materials and job tasks/concepts as well as of exercises that leverage operational capabilities, tools, and software.

Digital Badges

We use Credly which is a world leader in badging (Digital, Portable, Shareable). Digital badges empower organizations to officially recognize individuals for demonstrated competencies and skills by adding value to credentials earned during a course such as completion, certification, skills & competencies.

As a cyber security leader, we are passionate about equipping and developing cyber security professionals at all levels in the workplace through our world-class cybersecurity education and assessments platforms.