Cyber Security Awareness

VirtuPort provides innovative, effective and tailored security awareness training for end users as well as organizations that want to train their executives, managers, and employees to recognize and actively respond to today’s cyber threats.

VirtuPort leverages a deep domain of security awareness campaigns, training, support, education, and project management.

Cloud-based Technology

Team-Based Exercises

Virtual Environments & Training Scenarios

Attack Simulations To The Exploits & Vulnerabilities

Scoring & Assessment

Performance Metrics

Training Capabilities

Our Security awareness training is built from a curated selection of the most pressing cyber security, risk and compliance topics designed by expert adult learning specialists from the world’s top cyber security training providers.

We offer engaging, modular, multilingual and expert-developed content in various formats, just tailored to your security awareness relevant issues and timing requirements precisely focusing on your organizational objective and desired program outcomes.

Baseline phishing test

Expert planning and Executive support ​

Engaging, multilingual training content ​

Phishing Training Modules

Dynamic, real-time reporting​

Professional Training Certificates

Instructor-Led Training​

E-learning using LMS
(onsite & cloud)

Curriculum development​

Passive deployment
(Posters & Videos)

Event Management

Training Plan Origination