Cyber Security Advisory

We are an international team of cyber security advisors that can help you implement a cyber security program, meet cyber security standards, perform pen testing, and respond to data breaches. We also offer services like developing Cyber security Roadmaps, Strategies, Health Checks, Maturity Assessments, and reviewing RFPs, RFIs, and project deliverables. Our goal is to help your business use technology effectively, grow securely, and improve its cyber security maturity. For the past decade, we have been enhancing and designing cyber security architectures for top companies in the MENA region across all major industries including Government, Banking/Finance, Defence, Healthcare, and Telecommunication.

Cyber Security Strategy Development

Whether you have an outdated strategy or are starting from scratch, VirtuPort can support you in building an effective cyber security strategy and multi-layer roadmap, while focusing on a positive CapEx and OpEx.

Cyber Security Architecture Design & Implementation

VirtuPort helps organizations formulate a striving security architecture,  customized to meet organizational needs,  internal requirements,  and external regulations.

Cyber Security Resilience

Together with industry experts in Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery, we develop a combination of resilient strategies, policies and procedures for organizations to respond to or adapt to potential threats or unforeseen disruptive events, while minimizing the negative impacts.

Cyber Security GRC

Our experienced specialists and strategic global partners provide insights and advisory services to tackle all risk and compliance challenges across your enterprise while adhering to the latest standards.