Trusted Cyber Leaders

VirtuPort provides cybersecurity advisory services to companies ranging from medium to large entities across all verticals and industries in the MENA region leveraging global talent from international alliances.

Our Services

Cyber Security Advisory

Advising our customers’ Head of Security/CISO as a trusted partner with key decision-making to achieve a measurable improvement in cybersecurity maturity and readiness. Our advisors assess your cybersecurity posture and build a next-generation architecture and roadmap, adding value proposition.

Cyber Security Solutions

As a cyber security expert influencer, we simplify complex solutions designed to support ongoing cybersecurity operations. We specialize in next-generation and emerging technologies that tackle the most sophisticated issues, with solutions incorporating AI into IT, OT and IoT.

Cyber Security Thought Leadership

In partnership with top-tier cyber security educational experts, VirtuPort designs custom-made programs to assess your team’s knowledge and skillset. Capabilities include advanced human capital development and cyber security awareness training for the next generation of cyber warriors. Bringing together the greatest global minds at the yearly thought leadership conference MENA ISC.

Cyber Security Awareness

Our Security awareness training is built from a curated selection of the most pressing cyber security, risk and compliance topics designed by expert adult learning specialists from the world’s top cyber security training providers.

Why Choose VirtuPort?

Upskilling Workforce

We connect vendor and buyers with the most trusted content in the MENA region.

Cyber Security Human Capital Assessment

We have developed a proprietary approach to assessing information security risks.

Cyber Security Thought leaders

Our cybersecurity thought leadership activities cover broader issues to share best practices in managing organizational risks.

Trusted Consultants and advisors

We help CISOs develop strategies that instantly minimize risk against cyber threats and reinforce cybersecurity postures over time.

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