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VirtuPort provides cybersecurity advisory services to companies ranging from medium to large entities across all verticals and industries in the MENA region leveraging global talent from international alliances.

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Cyber Security

Our advisory services help customers handle their current cyber risk posture and implement the security improvements they seek to make.

Cyber Security Thought Leaders

Through our Thought Leadership programs, We actively help you to stay one step ahead by redefining innovative thinking on the emerging trends and technologies that will shape business in the future.

Cyber Security

As a cybersecurity influencer, we provide solutions designed to support an ongoing cybersecurity operation.

Why choose VirtuPort?

Upscaling Businesses

We connect vendor and buyers with the most trusted content in the MENA region.

Established Methodology ​

We have developed a proprietary approach to assessing information security risks.

Cyber Security Thought leaders

Our cybersecurity thought leadership activities cover broader issues to share best practices in managing organizational risks.

Trusted Consultants and advisors

We help CISOs develop strategies that instantly minimize risk against cyber threats and reinforce cybersecurity postures over time.

Glimpses from

MENA Information Security Conference

Middle East & North Africa Information Security Conference (MENA ISC) is the premier cybersecurity thought leadership conference in the MENA region organized by VirtuPort. The conference was created in 2010 by cybersecurity to encompass everything a cybersecurity professional would want to participate and contribute to. This is an exclusive invite-only event that has grown every year to welcome over 50 of the top global cybersecurity and ICT companies in the industry partnering to discuss various security challenges to business and digital transformation.

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