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MorphLynx is a Business Social Networking Portal with Human Capital Manageme nt Delivered as a ‘SaaS’ platform allowing users to Assess and Rank themselves based on their career and their Business Relationships.

The Power in You. We believe that each person should treat himself as a business entity, thus he should be valuing himself much like businesses to today in order to determine their competitive advantage and to maximize their net worth. In order to achieve this, you must be able to unlock “the power in you” to differentiate yourself from other professionals in the same field. Each professional should take charge of his career by performing a SWOT Analysis on himself, his profession, industry, geography, etc. One needs to be able to demonstrate his competitive advantage to potential employers, partners, investors, etc.

MorphLynx – The Power in You – coming Q2, 2012 will empower subscribers with its complimentary services to professionals.

The Portal is meant to empower business professionals by providing them a baseline of how they rank compared to other business professionals in the same field. Additionally, the site provides complimentary human capital development services by performing a GAP Analysis.

There are six main benefits a user of MorphLynx  can expect:


  • Power Rating or Ranking: It objectively evaluates information about your career including but not limited to education, professional experience, professional certifications, demonstrated skills and competencies and other items related to the specific professional you have selected. The result is then compared to the baseline for the ideal candidate (which is not always 100% achievable). The more subscribers that have the same profession the more your Power Rating will indicate how you stack up against other professionals. Additionally the Power Rating is not only influenced on what you know but who you know. Accordingly, the Power Rating of people within your business social network will influence you especially in areas where endorsement is required for increased verification or validation of certain aspects of your profile. The selection of a profession will also impact the Power Rating, as an individual’s compatibility and scoring will go up or down based on his compatibility with the profession.
  • Gap Analysis: it provides an assessment of the profession you have selected based on the baseline content and associated requirements, it will then compares it with that of your profile. The profile can be generated manually or can be partially imported from LinkedIn, in such case it will require customization to ensure that information is cataloged correctly about your career. The results will demonstrate soft, technical, business and other skills / competencies that are missing which may be impacting your competitiveness in the profession you have selected but also provide recommended learning path to improve your career. The ability to change profession selection on the fly, provides a fast and easy way to develop career planning for target professions. For example, if my 5 year plan is to be Chief Information Officer; then I want to know where I rank now, and what do I need to get to my goal.
  • Learning Path: it will diagrammatically depict the recommended path for the selected profession by extracting all the soft, technical and business skills / competencies in conformance with the standardized job description. These are then mapped to recommended courses, certifications and other methods for an individual to use to improve their compatibility to the profession they are in. As with the Gap Analysis, the results of the Learning Path will change based on the selected profession. The learning path is represented in nodes which will be highlighted as green, yellow or red to represent the achievement, partial achievement or non-achievement in a particular skill (usually accompanied by a recommended course or certification)
  • Business Networking: It will allow you to be introduced to other professionals with the same profession from around the world. The goal is to put like-minded people in touch so they can share common issues, concerns, successes and recommendations.
  • Social Functions: MorphLynx as any other community provides social services to getting registered members and MorphLynx users connected together. Social functions include but not limited to Chatting, Email, and Interactive Activities.
  • Standardization in Talent Management including creating a platform for standardizing professions by clearly defining Job Title, Job Descriptions, Skills / Competency Libraries and Learning Paths.

There are many other benefits to MorphLynx  as planned and will be included in the future road map based on market demands and feedback from our users.

So we encourage users to unlock the power in you.

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