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Additional Services
In addition to VirtuPort’s Service Bundles, VirtuPort team can provide the following services:
  • Project Management – Our team can work with clients to deliver projects.  With a team of direct and freelance Project Managers we are able to bring various vendors together to meet a client’s needs.

  • Due Diligence – Our team can work with international or regional companies to perform technical and business due diligence to support partnerships, investments, etc.

  • Venture Capital – Our network extends to angel, seed and venture capital firms and individuals which can be used to pair entrepreneurs to the funding they need to succeed.

  • Local Registration – For our customers who wish to also establish regional legal registration for subsidiaries, we can provide the legal and business consultancy to meet your requirements.

  • Recruiting – VirtuPort can support the recruiting of key staff from the region to support a Client’s need to grow from virtual operations to in region resources.

  • Logistics Support – VirtuPort can assist our clients’ regional logistics to support all aspects of their business including import, export, office rental, visas, etc.