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The VirtuPort team has experience in all areas of ICT verticals and sectors including those listed below.  Clients from these sectors will benefit from the extensive network of customers throughout the region that VirtuPort has relationships with.

VirtuPort will put our Clients in front of their target customers through distribution networks, resellers as well as marketing and trade shows.  The success of any product, service or solution will depend on its ability to compete with other similar solutions in terms of price, function, support, etc.

VirtuPort’s commitment is to put our Clients in front of their target customers and provide them the best chance of presenting and winning business.  The Clients’ product and value proposition is what will drive the business from that point forward.
  • Applications
  • Business Intelligence & Information Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Infrastructure & Operations
  • Data Storage
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Managed Services