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  1. What does VirtuPort mean; where did the name come from?
    VirtuPort is a multifaceted name which is derived from the words virtue or virtual and port or portal.
    • Virtue (Latin virtus; Greek ἀρετή "arete") is moral excellence. A virtue is a trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being.
    • The term Virtual has been defined in philosophy as "that which is not real" but may display the salient qualities of the real.
    • Portal (architecture), a gate, door, or tunnel or Portal (fiction), a magical or technological doorway that connects two different locations in time or space
    • A Port is a location containing one or more locations where ships, plane, people, etc can dock and transfer items or people to or from that location.

    These concepts make up the business model of VirtuPort which prides itself on a team of professionals who have a background and commitment to be morally excellent in their business dealings on behalf of our clients and partners. In addition, the term virtual represents the ability for our team to provide our customers the image and capabilities of really being in the region without actually having to be in the region regularly.

    The goal of VirtuPort is to bring people together to transact mutually beneficial business; the term Portal represents the online business to business community were are building but also represents the virtual port we create for our clients. This includes our ability to support import and export of goods and services as well as being port of entry for these business relationship (airport, sea port, passport, etc.)

  2. What industries or verticals are covered by VirtuPort

  3. Does VirtuPort have an service level agreements or guarantees?
    VirtuPort operates a business model which is designed to provide a true value add to our Clients. This includes defining some clear and key performance indicators (KPI) and service level agreements (SLA)as outlined in each service bundle. The KPI and SLA’s are outlined in the Services Agreement each Client is required to execute.

  4. How long has VirtuPort been in business?
    VirtuPort is a new business which was launched in 2010, however, the founder, executives and staff are individuals who have operated in the region for over a decade. Additionally, our resellers, agents and distributors have also been in operation for years. VirtuPort brings together successful business men and women who have successfully transacted business in the region and globally to provide their expertise and successful track record to other ICT companies wishing to effectively and efficiently enter the MENA market.

  5. Why would I use VirtuPort service instead of directly hiring someone from my organization?
    Although this model can succeed, it has failed more times than not. Usually finding an individual who has the experience in the region is very difficult and very expensive ($200-300K per year not including benefits and facilities). Additionally, an individual can only go so far without the right channel support structure, without the direct relationships in each of the markets including language and cultural understanding. This does not mean that VirtuPort does not support the hiring of individuals for each Client in the region. Our value proposition is that we will work with the Client to develop a business whereby hiring individuals in the region is backed by solid sales funnel and channel support over the two years so the Client can get a solid return on investment.

  6. Do the channel partners including resellers and distributors have to pay?
    Generally the resellers and distributors do not have to pay annual fees. There are different relationships with each depending on their commitment to VirtuPort and our Clients but the fees collected from the Channel relationships are related to success fees or commissions for each transaction. This is to encourage distributors and resellers to work with our clients and only pay when they see a direct value in sales.

  7. Do Clients have to sign any agreements?
    Yes, Clients are required to execute a Services Agreement.

  8. How long is the minimum term of the agreement?
    The minimum term for an agreement is two years as it typically takes that long for the KPI and SLA’s to be fully met. However, in special circumstances, this may be negotiated especially for vendors who are already in the region and just looking for additional support.

  9. What happens if service level agreements or guarantees are not met, do I get a refund?
    The KPI’s and SLA’s have been developed based on our experience in the region and our knowledge of our networks capabilities. However, if we are unable to meet all the commitments to the client, we will extend the agreement and additional year free of charge until all KPI’s and SLA’s are met. There are no refunds because participation in events alone usually justify the funds invested in a relationship with VirtuPort.